Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moving Code to Github and what I have been working on

I posted this over on my arduino blog but never posted anything here. I have begun moving my code to github. I have 6 repositories up there now, most are Android. Majority of my work has been on my Budget app (also my web page - on github too) and my new version of MyMeasurements. I originally posted to my arduino blog as I expected to port my arduino code first but it does seem that android has been where I have been spending my time.

I threw the budget app together as a way to practice my LAMP design/development skills. The android app is very simple. It is basically a webview and a menu for loading pages. The cool thing is that I made the sites all configurable so if we change anything about our servers in the future, we can just change the preferences instead of having to recompile and upload.

MyMeasurements is my second Android app, and it is getting an upgrade. Not only am I implementing more features from my wish list, but I have also been using the ideas from those who emailed/commented on the apps initial version. I am also giving it much better compatibility across versions. I am not targeting anything older than 2.1 but since my tablet is running Jelly Bean, I do get to test it through the current(4.1) release. I have had very little free time lately but I have been able to post at least a minor update almost every day over the last week. I want to have my 2.0 version posted to the market in the next two weeks.

It feels good to get something up here again. I should have a follow up here very soon.