Friday, November 4, 2011

An Alarm Clock Update(v1.5) went out to the Market tonight

I finally got around to a few fixes that this app had been waiting for. I did some layout clean up and fixed a significant feature oversight.

I am not the best UI designer and the xml layouts for android are a little strange for me to wrap my head around sometimes. I am still working out the kinks for how best to display my layouts. This iteration is a slight improvement on the last build. The snooze screen is the best improvement. The radio buttons are spread out and dynamically centered. This should resolve the complaints over the buttons being too close or too hard to hit.

The feature oversight I had was regarding the alarm after a reboot of the device. The widget and app would present as if the alarm was active and set for the time it was before the reboot. If you disabled and re-enabled the alarm you were fine, but it took me a few missed alarms until I figured out the pattern. Now there is a boot up receiver that sets the alarm accordingly on boot up. Now the only way to miss an alarm should be to have the device powered off over the alarm time.

Hope those with this app installed enjoy the improvements