Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Call Reminder

I have put together a quick proof of concept app for a buddy of mine. He was looking for a simple reminder application that would include some minimal information and a phone number. When the reminder occurs, the user can then call the person directly from the application.

I have attached screen shots below of the application with some test information entered. The link to download the app is at

Basically, I expanded on my existing alarm clock application (the reminder) and stored each reminder in a database by ID. When a reminder is cleared, it is deleted from the database. I also start up a small activity that runs when the OS is booted so that the alarms in the database are created again as they don't persist between boots.

There isn't much to the application at this point. There are a couple improvements that could be done. I left this one ad free for the time being. I will probably get ads put in very soon though. Beyond ads, I figure there could be a list of configured reminders for editing them or deleting one as opposed to just removing all if a mistake is made. I think it would be valuable to build a data export/import as well since that will almost definitely  be necessary at some point in the future if this app lasts.

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