Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simple X10 Client 1.0 Released

I successfully screwed up my previous application I was developing and struggled with it for a couple days without any progress. Today though, the light bulb when on while driving home from work and I realized I could create a very simple application that does what I need at a very bare minimum. I knew my other application's issues were related to the extra functionality so I decided to cut it out for now. I do plan on returning to the more feature-rich version, but after I investigate the Android Advertisement model.

The final client is a very simple interface for issuing X10 commands over the internet. There is a Room Code Spinner which allows selection from A-P. There is a Unit Code Spinner which allows selection from 1-16. Finally there is a toggle button for picking which command to send.

I was able to build this app in just a couple hours tonight. I was able to steal a lot of code from my other application and that saved a lot of time.

Below is the project folder on Box.net. See the Arduino Server at arduino-donno.blogspot.com for the Web server interface.

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