Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple Alarm Clock has AdMob Integration

As of my last posting, I was having issues getting AdMob integrated into my applications. After a little android layout education, I learned my problem was entirely in my UI design. Also, through Google, I eventually found somebody that had something more than the SDK example and included a more complex layout with code.

The example code turned out to be relatively easy to modify after all the investigation I had done about layouts. I was able to simplify the code to just the basic pieces I was focusing on. Since I have been unable to find an equivalent example anywhere online, I will try to get to posting the code and explanation in the next couple of days. I have a decent base shell now that I will be using with all my free apps on the Market in the future.

I have posted my updated Alarm Clock to the Market which is now at version 1.2. In addition to the AdMob integration, I also added a widget. It displays the next alarm time or "Disabled" if there is no next alarm. There is also a button on the widget to open the alarm clock app. I will try to get some cleanup on the widget UI to make it cleaner/nicer but that will probably take back burner to other projects until I have enough free time to concentrate on that aspect.

Finally, to confirm I had the AdMob functionality down, I first created a test app, MyAdTest which is also posted to the Android Market. Download both, MyAdTest is useless, but leave it up for me for a bit and help generate a little coin for me; I will appreciate it. For now, the Alarm Clock and MyAdTest are the only two apps I have posted. I have a couple more that I will probably be putting up there soon. I have a little polishing to do on both but it should be manageable.

I forgot to get screenshots of the test ads before when I was still testing on the emulator. I will pull those up by the next posting as well.

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