Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HomeAutomation Client Beta v0.7: Will be Posted Tomorrow

This is just a quick status update since I put the time in to get the beta ready for release tomorrow. I added a few more functional pieces to round out everything I need for my first release. I added the Server Configuration into the stored preferences, added functionality for deleting all Rooms/Units and set the Unit Spinner to update based on the Room Selection.

I have not addressed any of the UI user interaction, in terms of eliminating, minimizing or catching usability errors. For example, the app will currently allow all the Rooms to be deleted from the configuration while there are still devices associated with them. I am still using a mix of buttons and menus throughout. I am still trying them out to see if I prefer one over the other, at least for the the different needs of this project. Once I get the beta posted tomorrow, the usability, error proofing and look/feel will be the next process to finish up. The code will be ready for a release candidate post once those issues have been addressed.

Tomorrow, I will provide a post for the beta with Screenshots, links to the code and the apk file, as well as a brief explanation of everything.

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