Saturday, November 27, 2010

Home Automation Android Client v1.0 Release

I have completed my 1.0 release!! I thought I would be posting this earlier in the Month, but with work and life, I have not had any time to write any code. I got a nice chunk of time yesterday and a little today for final cleanup. As usual, I have posted my files on and have embedded a window for accessing everything below. I have not included any new screen shots as the changes did not really affect the way the application appears.

Regarding the changes made, most of the updates were to address user interaction and prevent the user from making incorrect choices. I cleaned up both the Room and Unit(Device) Configuration Activities. I also added a bunch of code/functionality to the Main Activity. At first, the new code broke the application. It was so bad that I was at the point of building a test project and doing more investigation online about parameter passing as I thought I was losing my values. As it turned out, my code was sound, with the exception that I forgot to assign values to my variables before attempting to use them. I also mixed up how I was managing my addresses which was causing units to be assigned to the wrong rooms. Once I realized this and was able to easily replicate the issue, I had to rewrite a bunch of code to fix it.

There are a couple of things still not addressed in this release of the application. They may appear as updates or by the 2.0 release. The application does not handle landscape mode at all. I also didn't lock the application to portrait mode as I do want to address this in a future release. Lastly, that I know of,  when switching between landscape and portrait, the view will reset itself and any changes not saved will most likely be lost.

Now I will be spending my time on my Arduino code adding the TTL to Serial Converter I soldered together. Once I have that piece finished, I will be tying it all together in it's final form. From there, it will be only a matter of adding more devices and updating the configurations to use it all. Based on the family schedule over the next month or two though, I don't expect to be done with it until well into the new year. I will just hope I am wrong and it happens earlier.

Once I am controlling all the important parts of my home that I want to start with, I will be back to work on updates and future versions. Here's to not finding any significant bugs or need for code improvements until then.

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