Monday, November 1, 2010

HomeAutomation Client Beta Coming Along, slowly...

Free time has been scarce and as a result, this project has been suffering. With work, Halloween, and my wedding anniversary, last week, I was very busy. But, it was a fun and exciting week since the kids really got into Halloween this year.

Anyways, I have finally made enough progress that most testing has been moved to my physical phone and off of the emulator. The Emulator doesn't have true network support, and since networking is the core of this project, it was time.
Server Configuration Activity
In regards to updates, I have added a Server Configuration Activity (left) for allowing the user to define the server IP. I have also been testing the functionality with regards to the HTTP request strings I am generating, and the JSON responses I am receiving. I am currently displaying both strings within simple Toast messages for debugging purposes, but have a plan to do something with their responses later. Most likely when they can indicate a success/failure of the command issued.

I also need to add some more UI code for managing the main Activity's Spinner controls before I stop calling this a beta. Currently the Room List and Unit List spinners are populated with every possible option. I want the Unit List to update according to the Room Selection. I have to finish testing and possibly flushing out some additional functionality for saving/restoring preferences  first, but the spinner code will be next.

I have updated my files on . Here are the links to the project folder, the app apk file, as well as the individual source files updated since last post:
Arduino Client(Folder)

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