Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HomeAutomation Client update

I have been working on my client but have not had the time I was hoping to dedicate. Work has been busy and we have been doing extra fall activities as a family since the weather has been so nice.

At this point, I have updated the main activity look/feel. I added Spinners (Combo Box) for selecting "Rooms" and "Units", components for displaying/setting digital and analog settings as well as  a button to send the command. I also created a Room Configuration Activity. The main Activity doesn't recognize the change without restarting the app, but that will hopefully be fixed tonight. See screenshots below for the two Activities. "Rooms"/"Room Code" are synonymous for "House Code" in X10 speak. However Room/House Codes will be selected by User Defined Names for the Room instead of the bland X10 codes of A-P. Unit is modeled directly after the X10 "Unit Code" with the simple twist of a User Defined Name in place of the X10 codes of 1-16. Opening the configuration as well as saving/canceling configuration changes is done through menus(not pictured below).

Mostly this is merely a shell for the minimal functionality. The UI management code has not been started and will probably be saved for last. User error proofing is always a last priority when developing apps for myself.

My Updated UI Activities:
Main Activity
Room Configuration Activity

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