Sunday, October 24, 2010

HomeAutomation Client beta is close to release

I have the majority of the Android client app built and functioning within the emulator. There are a few finishing touches needed, but those are just minor details at this point. The initial hard work has been done and the remaining code is tedious but only requires time. At this rate, I am estimating the client's completion by next weekend. There are many more features that I want to add, but I will hold off for now so I can get back to the Arduino side of the development again. I will finally buy the X10 Serial device and make the project begin to function as a whole.

Todays update will include links to the code as well as some screenshots. As I have stated, the code isn't entirely complete, but is close enough. The code is also mostly commented.

Below are some screen shots of the updated UI. This UI is a huge improvement on my previous one where there was only one text field and one button with everything hard coded. This version doesn't have any of the hard coded components of the prototype, but also doesn't have the configuration to assign the settings by the user yet.

 I have linked the java and xml files below to the screen shots they are associated with. Here is the link to my Folder with the whole project including the apk file.

Main Activity(home.xml/JsonParser)

Configuration Menu / createunit.xml
Device Configuration Activity

Device Type Selections

Hopefully this week, I will complete the  initial client beta release. Once that is done, I will be back to the Arduino to tie all the pieces together. I am feeling pretty close to having part of my house fully controlled by my phone. I must admit I am excited and will probably  be burning the midnight oil to get it done quicker. To see the Arduino code/project information you can check out my Arduino Blog or the code folder I have on

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