Friday, August 27, 2010

DonnsAlarm v1.2 Update

Well it didn't take me long at all. I staved off the Arduino for a bit and got the previously mentioned items taken care of. I am only linking to the source code files. I lost the previous version since I don't pay for the version control, or use any at home, and my previous posts all now reflect the current documents.

*Modified in v1.2**

Basically, I updated the management of the Activity settings as well as disabled the time picker when the alarm is enabled. Once I figured out the state transition, I was able to use the appropriate state event, onPause() to store all settings and the Create/Restore events to restore any saved values or set to default.

At this point, there are other features that might be fun to add, but I think the regular development on this app has ended. So here is possibly the final posting for my Simple Alarm Clock. I hope others will find it as simple, yet perfectly effective for their needs as I have.

I also linked the apk file for download and install. Make sure you have configured your Application settings to allow "Unknown sources" to allow this app to install.


  1. hOLA , hi

    how are you?, thank you Donno i have searched an example code about alarms in android and you have all i need here, i am going to guide with your code, thank you really thank you, maybe if i have a doubt can i ask you? ok, are you a android programmer really i am from colombia and i am beginning in this exciting world of android, my skype is: shontauro if you want you can add me.

  2. Sory about english skill.

    I have some question, I get you code then run it work but in cann't listening Alarm sound.What is problem?

  3. thanks Donno. It's great.